History of the St. James Inn

The St. James Inn, completed in 1914, was designed by noted San Antonio architect James Phelps and executed by the finest craftsmen available from San Antonio and Austin. It was the home of Walter Kokernot, the son of David Levi Kokernot, cattle baron, personal confidante to General Sam Houston and unsung Texas hero.

After expressing and interest in entering the bed and breakfast industry and after two years of searching around the country, Architect Rew Covert and his wife Ann settled in Gonzales. They left behind them the big city of Houston and settled into the 100 year old Walter Kokernot Home. Today, the Kokernot Home epitomizes grace and elegance. But it was a long way from that when the Coverts purchased the home in 1989. In the 70’s the home was given to the Episcopal Church, then a local Doctor and his family purchased the home. In the 80’s a family from Austin built a business in the home and then after leaving town, turned it into an apartment complex. The home was in need of attention to deferred maintenance. The building was an apartment house and the grounds were in need of a friend!

After many years of hard work, the Coverts have established a Bed & Breakfast that appeals to those who appreciate that the home has been saved from demolition. By their step in doing so, eleven other homes were restored by interested parties for Bed and Breakfast business. Most have transitioned to private homes. Every detail of the transitional period mansion has been carefully planned and carried out, from the living room mantel to the coffered ceilings in the reception hall and living room. Guests from all over the world have visited the Inn.


Quick Facts

Age and Wisdom

Not only is this a noted historical home of Gonzales, but it is the oldest operating bed and breakfast in Gonzales.

History Abounds

Not only can the hosts fill you in on the lengthy history of this building, but it is part of the very popular Historic Homes Tour of Gonzales.

Warm and Cozy

This bed and breakfast boasts nine fireplaces, making it the perfect getaway in the winter months.

Known Worldwide

The St. James Inn has had well over 500 guests in its years of operations from all over the world.

Located in Historic Gonzales

The St. James Inn is located in Gonzales, Texas, a small bucolic City discovered hundreds of years ago and inhabited by Indians for centuries. Gonzales is laid out according to Mexican tradition and the Catholic Religion. It forms a Spanish cross that holds Market Square, Courthouse Square, Texas Heroes Square, Confederate Square, and Church Square.

It was discovered by an adventurer from Missouri, Col. Green DeWitt. He observed the area to be most beautiful, pastoral, and found the salubrity of the climate (at that time) to be most outstanding for health and happiness. The city was officially founded in 1825 by the bold and courageous from Missouri, Mississippi, Europe, Alabama, North and South Carolina and Tennessee. The City offers a great treasure find of the West. Its horses, cattle ranches, original brands and branding irons.

We Invite You to Explore Our City

We invite you to explore Gonzales, Texas from the comfort of your home. Click on the icons with this map to read descriptions on historic buildings, and begin planning your trip to Gonzales, with a stay at the historic St. James Inn.

For more information on Historic Gonzales, please visit the website for the Chamber of Commerce of Gonzales, and Visitor Center.